Dependant Suspension, 6 Circular

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Dependant Suspension, 6 Circular

Louis Poulsen
Dependant Suspension, 6 Circular | Highlight image 1
Dependant Suspension, 6 Circular | Highlight image 2 Dependant Suspension, 6 Circular | Highlight image 3
The suspension system allows the clustering of multiple pendants to create larger installations. It comes in a linear and a circular version, both available in two dimensions. The linear system holds either three or five pendants while the circular system holds four or six pendants.
Each pendant is suspended on the cable with which it is provided, and the system enables the user to position each individual pendant at the preferred height. The system is easy to install and comes in three finishes to match the suspended pendants.

Finish: Brass metallised, Black or White, powder coated.

Canopy, tubes and fittings: Aluminum.
Grommets, fitting inserts and set screws: PC, white or black.
Clear PVC coated wires: Steel or black.
Set screws in canopy: Steel or black.

White suspension has white canopy, white fitting inserts plus steel wires.
Black suspension has black canopy, black fitting inserts and black wires.
Brass metallised suspensions has either white or black canopy plus the corresponding set of fitting inserts and wires.

Mounting: The canopy is mounted directly on the ceiling . Can be mounted directly on the power outlet or for side entry. For side entry only fixed installation.

Looping approved: Max. 5 x 2.5 mm²
Wires included. Length of wires: 4 m
Maximum dimension of pendant cable: Ø9 mm

Class: Canopy: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I.

Info notes: Can only be used for socket based pendants up to 5 kg.
Not applicable for pendants with cable and wirers.

Dependant Suspension, 6 Circular



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Dimensions (cm)

Dia124.8 x H3.4

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