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Lucie Kaas

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Muhammad Ali was more than a championship boxer, he was a man of conviction who proved that athletes could discuss subjects outside the arena. He treated every person equally, regardless of stature and warmed hearts while inspiring nations. Ali had a way with words. With his shortest poem: ‘Me. We.’, he summarized the need for togetherness and community. Muhammad Ali was simply “The Greatest of All Time”.

Superba + beech wood

The kokeshi dolls are hand-painted. Slight imperfections may be present which are typical of handmade work. These are not defects but features that make every doll unique.

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Becky Kemp

Becky Kemp

Becky Kemp is an English artist based in South London. She has been illustrating in a sketchbook since her young age. Becky always knew that she wanted to create and design. She studied Fine Art Painting for three years and also worked as an art teacher. In 2011, she opened – a creative studio. Her designs have gained huge popularity and are now represented in more than 30 countries. Her work is inspired by a love for Nordic design and Japanese illustration. Becky has an uncanny talent for communicating with precision while still maintaining a humoristic and creative impression.