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Minotti is known for its wide range of modern Italian furniture. Since its establishment in 1948, the family-owned brand has become synonymous with luxury living, crafting furniture that highlight its artisan savoir-faire, attention to detail and quality materials. Central to the Minotti identity is the full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept. Till today, the company works with talented local artisans who combine longstanding skills and know-hows with today’s technology. The end result is collections of sofas, dining sets, outdoor furniture and more that truly withstand the test of time—both in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Collection Highlight


Contemporary with a strong architectural appeal and pure lines reminiscent of the Mid-Century American spirit, the Connery seating system sports an exquisite style that instantly catches the eye. This collection by Rodolfo Dordoni pairs square and round chaise-lounges to create a versatile system with endless configurations.


Blazer expresses a brand new style, mixing the high sartorial matelassé technique with a contemporary look characterized by clean, geometric lines. The key feature of the design is the backrest with rounded internal corners that creates a comfortable, enveloping alcove.


Designed by renowned Japanese firm nendo, Torii’s distinct metal legs are a nod to the image of “torii,” the entrance gates to Shinto shrines. This collection is airy, playing with constructive details linked to Japanese traditions, while creating formal simplicity in its shape and form.


A seating system with a split personality. Freeman has a soft, inviting core identity that encourages total relaxation and a spirited alter-ego that reveals a more dynamic and contemporary mindset. The collection’s various elements and different features create a strong aesthetic identity, elegant proportions and unrivaled comfort.


Hamilton is a seating system with a simple design that allows flexibility and personalization within interior compositions. It is recognizable by its Black-Nickel finished metal base that runs along the entire perimeter of the system like a frame. This characteristic has become a signature for many other Minotti sofas, a strong sign of distinction that has been implemented with a large range of finishings and forms.


Characterized by its suitability for use in a wide range of different contemporary and traditional arrangements, West also features glints of pure creativity. The chaise-longue, for example, is available in pentagonal and hexagonal form, while the striking backrests in saddle hide are ergonomically shaped to rise and support the rear cushion.


The beauty of Andersen lies in its balanced proportions, harmonious lines, and attention to detail from the inside out. This sofa’s versatility and adaptability allow it to shine in any setting—from minimal-chic to a more decorative and traditional scene. In a room, it invites softness and intimate warmth.


Inspired by rationalist and contemporary concepts, Alexander is a seating system with different forms that can be combined with each other. Squared and curved elements can be used together in the same composition to create areas with an intimate and enveloping atmosphere. The sartorial details of the seams on the corner of the sofa and on the high back/armrest add a touch of elegance to the piece.

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