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Bulthaup was founded on the belief that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and that minimal but functional designs are timeless. Combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art German manufacturing to create precise, functional modern kitchens, Bulthaup has consistently been ranked as one of the top five luxury German brands. The company’s focus on quality, craftsmanship and care are unmatched, with every inch and detail of its kitchens kept on record.

Three distinct kitchen systems — B1, B2 and B3 — offer different approaches to the way in which a kitchen is assembled, and most importantly used. All three systems are designed to be ergonomically friendly, highly functional, precise and clean. In turn, Bulthaup hopes to inspire people to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking delicious food and creating amazing memories with loved ones.

At Bulthaup’s Thailand showroom, customers can talk to our design team to create a custom modern kitchen that will fit every space and need, as well as choose finishings and configurations to blend perfectly into their home. Visit us at our Thonglor showroom and let us help you build your dream kitchen.


Bulthaup B3

The Bulthaup B3 is the most customizable system offered by the German kitchen brand that puts design and performance first. With consideration for aesthetics, utility and personal experience, the B3 offers users the ability to fully personalize a kitchen to reflect the space and people living in it. This versatile system is characterized by its light and floating appearance that’s created through three unique options: the wall-hung, floor standing and foot-supported elements.

To create the most enjoyable cooking experience, Bulthaup B3 uses a refined selection of hand-finished materials without compromising durability and practicality. Not to mention, the freedom to position all the functions — storage, preparation and cooking — the way you want will make you feel comfortable in the kitchen from the first time and for years to come.

Bulthaup B2

Stunning to look at; a pleasure to use. Designed by the award-winning studio EOOS, the Bulthaup B2 transforms a kitchen into a powerful workshop where tools and materials are neatly organized and ready at hand. This creative system consists of three sculptural elements: the tool cabinet, the appliance cabinet and the workbench — allowing for a unique and imaginative combination of elements in every room.

The tool and appliance cabinets beautifully display the kitchen equipment while offering the ultimate storage solution. When not in use, they can be closed for a seamless appearance. The multi-functional workbench features an open space that welcomes uninterrupted movement and serves as a work surface, water point and eating area.

Bulthaup B1

Go back to basics with Bulthaup B1. Inspired by the minimalist’s principle, the Bulthaup B1 is the essential kitchen in a simple yet visually striking design. All elements — the kitchen island, the wall line and the tall block unit — use high-quality materials while taking into consideration the differences in personal ergonomics and architectural situations.

Clean geometric lines, balanced proportions and sleek functionality are the essences of the Bulthaup B1 kitchen. They co-exist in every detail to offer a holistically pleasing experience to the eyes and to the touch.

b Solitaire

Manufactured in Aich, Germany, the Bulthaup b Solitaire was designed to be a customizable and functional kitchen extension that fits your every need, but has since proven to be an excellent addition in any room. It is available as a storage space, bench or table. Whether you want to connect or divide the room, its lightweight appearance and free-standing character make it easy to be used from all sides.

The storage unit comes in three variations — glass, oak and stainless steel — all of which provide handsome displays of your treasured objects and everyday essentials. The table and bench are made of solid oak and natural tanned leather seat cushion, together forming the perfect centerpiece for you to gather and create new memories around.


Using the same standard of design, material and craftsmanship found in their kitchen systems, Bulthaup’s accessories make your kitchen experience enjoyable every day. All pieces — from the cutting board, food container and pot cloth to the salt and pepper mills — are made using the finest materials that gain its personal value through years of usage.

The accessories utilize their materials’ natural properties such as the anti-bacterial effect from the maple wood and the white stone that slowly releases moisture to keep the food fresh for longer. Not only are they the perfect companions to the kitchen but they are far too beautiful to be kept in a cabinet.


The table plays an important role in the cooking and dining experience. It is the center where people come to eat, drink and spend precious time together. Bulthaup’s tables and bench are communicative furniture that creates the perfect setting to relax and enjoy.

The C2 table features a neutral shape with a seamless transition from the laminate surface to the edge, harmonizing gracefully with other pieces of furniture. The C3 table comes in various types of wood and is defined by its thin horizontal lines that reveal a continuous visual. It is complemented by the C3 bench that is available as a floor-standing or floating element.

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