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Broche L Pendant

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Long-time admirers of the work of Éric de Dormaël, we were always delighted to work together on some special upscale projects.
But this year, we are also going to edit some of his work that we consider so unique and very special indeed.
These " sculpture lights ", characterised by their fluidity, their ethereality, their form and their transparency, are all about the subtle interplay of light and shadow.
The reflections, shimmers, patterns and vibrations they create dance off the walls.
Éric de Dormaël’s creations bring forth images, they leave impressions and they provoke sensations.

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Broche L Pendant
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Eric de Dormaël

Eric de Dormaël

Éric de Dormael is a French sculptor, born in 1951. Trained at the École Supérieure des Arts in St Luc de Tournai, then at the École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques, he has been drawing and working for nearly 20 years within Ombre Portée. He designs and produces unique works. He researches on the luminous effects to its climax: shadows, reflections, patina and integrates the light sources into his sculptures in order to transform them into decorative elements. His interlacings, structured or random, play with form and counter-form to create shapes and shadows marked with great delicacy.