Midnight Beads Wooden Tray

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Midnight Beads Wooden Tray

Notre Monde

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Inspired by tribal prints and motifs from Africa to Indonesia, the Tribal Quest collection of trays sees the textiles of the world illustrated in its pieces. The mingling of lavish colors with muted neutrals in rich patterns creates a fluid balance, aptly capturing its worldwide inspiration. Mimicking the sumptuous movement of fabric, the Tribal Quest collection is vivid and thought-provoking.

MATERIAL: Hand painted and silk-screen printed wood.

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Midnight Beads Wooden Tray
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Dawn Sweitzer

Dawn Sweitzer

Dawn Sweitzer studio works in a variety of media; paintings, woven textiles, mirror and glass, home accessories… The artist enjoys the freedom of medium. Her ideas translate in the language or art form of choice. When visiting the studio one will see that every activity makes sense and is related to the next. Dawn typically draws her inspiration from mood boards that she creates. Food, fashion, cultures, travel, photographs and textures instill inspiration for future expressions. Then she’s off and running with the freedom that her materials extend.