P.O.V. Table 463 - Round

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P.O.V. Table 463 - Round

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The P.O.V. collection features a modular design and an organically shaped table base. While it may look discreet, this P.O.V. table has the potential to command a room – it all depends on your point of view. The simple base has a rounded triangular shape and is 104 cm high and 52 cm wide. The base can be paired with tabletops in three shapes and four sizes.

P.O.V. Table 463 - Round


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Dimensions (cm)

Solid Wood Size Dia70 x H106.5

Multiplex Size Dia70 x H106

Solid Wood Size Dia80 x H106.5

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Studio Kaschkasch

Studio Kaschkasch

Design studio kaschkasch was founded in 2011 by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider. Works in furniture, lighting design and art direction for several national and international clients. Kaschkasch approaches design as a helpful and practical component of life. Basing themselves on this approach to design, kaschkasch wields a characteristic formal language that is inherently present in each design: it is a symbiosis of straightforwardness and beauty that toes the line between function and formal severity. the results are modest, challenging, intelligent and logical.

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