An Enduring Legacy

An Enduring Legacy

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Rodney Smith has left a lasting impression on many lives, and it would be an understatement to say so. Oftentimes, his presence could not be ignored. And for many, his influence can still be felt.

Following are some examples of how Smith has made an impact on the lives of those around him.

“Rodney and I became very close friends from the time we met at the end of 2003 until he passed away. We were an unlikely pair of “buddies.” He was 21 years older than me and we were just different in so many ways and were at two different points in our lives. I had sadly lost my father three years earlier and had just met the woman who would soon become my wife and as I was navigating very big changes in my life, Rodney was a great friend and somewhat of a father figure. We often talked about career, relationships, finances and of course photography. He had a big impact on my life and I will take some of his advice and insights with me throughout the rest of my life.”

— Alec Sash, Producer


“Rodney literally created my path to becoming a photographer when I met him in 1974 when I was 17 years old. He not only informed my approach and philosophy about being a photographer, but also introduced me to a world of music, art and gave me the insight that it is far better to be a participant in this world rather than a spectator.”

— Terence Falk, Rodney Smith’s Former Assistant


“Roddy trained me well! I have become a neat freak since working for him. I strive to have a place for everything and want everything in its place.”

— Patricia Barrett, Rodney Smith’s Assistant and Master Printer


“Rodney was such an inspiration to me. He thought of every single detail, and he had such a minimal way of doing his interiors. To this day I have tried to emulate the palest blue linen that was just the right hint of color he had used as upholstery in one of his rooms. His edited interiors looked like his photography — artistic and graphic. I remember when I went to his house, we got to see his archive room. He had his photographs beautifully organized in custom linen books that he had designed. We also went out to see his car in the garage and it was completely customized with leather cording. It was exquisite. I always say: It is all in the details.”

— Suzanne Kasler, Interior Designer


“Rodney made me appreciate working amongst a team where each member brings his best in an uncomplicated way. He made me recognize what authentic collaboration can be. His were my favorite photoshoots to work on.”

— Sabine Feuilloley, Fashion Stylist


“He gave me a chance when I was a young gallery and he was an established artist. It was a real pivotal moment in my career.”

— L’Anne Gilman, Director of Gilman Contemporary

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