To Me, Rodney Smith Was…

To Me, Rodney Smith Was...

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“When I think of Rodney, I think of a time and place where gentleness, beauty, emotion and humor live in rich harmony.”

— Sabine Feuilloley, Fashion Stylist


“When I think of Rodney I think of a bygone era. I think of his commitment to his work and how whimsical, original and classic it is. I think of him at home, in his kitchen or in his studio, in his element surrounded by his photographs and the many stories that come with them.

I think of Leslie, Savannah and Jonah. About how particular he was and how focused he was on cleanliness and detail and that things were done a certain way, an old school way where process was revered and respected. I think of our long talks, belly laughs and a friendship that I will cherish forever.”

— Alec Sash, Producer


“When I think of Rodney, I think of creating a sense of style and beauty in every piece of his artwork and in every part of his life.”

— Terence Falk, Rodney Smith’s Former Assistant


“When I think of Rodney, I think of order, symmetry, manicured gardens, monograms, his vision, thoughtfulness, creativity, striving for perfection, my good friend.”

— Patricia Barrett, Rodney Smith’s Assistant and Master Printer


“When I think of Rodney, I think of a true inspiration that loved his work and left a beautiful legacy.”

— Suzanne Kasler, Interior Designer


“When I think of Rodney, I think of a man who was both a close friend as well as a mentor who I truly admired.”

— L’Anne Gilman, Director of Gilman Contemporary

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