About Aster

Aster, a hallmark of Italian design, specializes in crafting exquisite kitchen interiors. Since its inception in 2006, Aster has redefined the art of kitchen design, blending innovation with a rich heritage to create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the finest materials, its kitchen collections showcase the best of Italian craftsmanship.

At Aster, every kitchen is more than a cooking space; it's a centerpiece of the home, reflecting a blend of tradition and modernity. The company's range includes a diverse array of styles, from classic to contemporary, each customizable to fit the unique character and lifestyle of its owner. Utilizing noble materials such as wood, marble and metals, Aster's kitchens are designed to be both irresistible and durable, making them a perfect choice for those who seek elegance and longevity in their home design.



Inspired by the iconic grandeur of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Avenue is a tribute to the timeless elegance of the world's most celebrated cities. This collection combines the charm of historic sophistication with contemporary design, inviting you to create a kitchen space that echoes the luxurious spirit of Parisian avenues.

In Avenue, every element is a testament to the cultural triumph and splendor of its inspiration. From the beauty of tree-lined boulevards to the artistic heritage of the Louvre, Avenue is a curated experience of sumptuous design. It invites you to craft a kitchen that not only represents your style but also echoes the sophistication of the grand avenues.


Portrait celebrates the harmony of past and present. It's a tribute to the enduring vitality of materials and the joy of cherished memories, embodying the "Back to Country" spirit with a modern twist.

The collection offers a versatile palette for personal expression, seamlessly integrating the rustic charm of traditional design with sleek, contemporary lines. Ideal for today's interiors, it invites you to mix the warmth of classic aesthetics with the boldness of modern design, creating a space that's both familiar and refreshingly innovative.

Pure Glam

"Simplicity as the ultimate sophistication."

Pure Glam embodies a philosophy where less is truly more. Stripping away complexity and style contamination, this collection illustrates the power of simplicity, offering designs defined by clear lines, distinct shapes and clean geometries.

In Pure Glam, the allure lies not in ornate colors or lavish finishes, but in its very essence. Eschewing traditional embellishments like silver, gold or chrome, the collection celebrates the purity of form. It's a dance of light and shadows across textures that absorb and softly reflect, creating a sense of material elegance. It's where understated design meets modern luxury.


Contempora captures the essence of time's eternal flow and the natural artistry of the seasons. Each design stands as a unique masterpiece, showcasing intricate patterns that narrate the passage of time. This collection offers a creative journey across different eras and spaces, melding ideas with boundless freedom in design.

A luxurious design encapsulates the soul's pleasures through the interplay of light and shadow. The collection harmonizes strength with delicacy, infusing rigor with intimate geometry. Key features like the 45-degree angled cuts on doors, alongside premium materials such as lacquered finishes, woods, stones and marbles, emphasize the collection's high-quality craftsmanship. The meticulous geometry of Contempora lightens the overall aesthetic, creating a sophisticated yet clean and essential appearance.


Factory is a dynamic workshop of design, where diverse styles and materials intersect. Ideal for those with a penchant for the novel and eclectic, it celebrates a continuous evolution of ideas. This collection thrives on cross-contamination, fusing sophisticated finishes with raw, unrefined materials to create spaces that are both innovative and expressive.

With a narrative-driven approach, Factory reimagines every space. It transforms the conventional, melding old with new, and functionality with artistry. The design language of Factory is one of form and story, rewriting the rules and redesigning spaces with a fresh, unconventional perspective.

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