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For more than 120 years, Dinesen has been driven by a passion to create bespoke solutions that go beyond the traditional. With an eye for the value of diversity in every tree and every project, Dinesen makes solid and engineered planks for wooden flooring, panelling, ceiling and other design elements. The company’s perspective allows wood to be at the heart of your interior – from intimate personal spaces to expansive public and cultural settings.

Ever since 1898, the company has been driven by a passion for wood and respect for nature. Every day for four generations, life at Dinesen has revolved around high-quality wood and good craftsmanship. The respect for nature has been passed down from father to son, all of whom have grown up at the old sawmill, carrying on the family's passion for wood.

From a carefully selected range of trees comes a world of opportunities and sensory perceptions. The company’s craftsmanship and knowledge of manufacturing have been refined through four generations to obtain a finish like no other. They preserve the natural beauty of the tree and its pure and powerful expression. Knots are given special attention to give the planks character and personality.

Dinesen wooden planks come from family owned German and French forests. The forest and the sil have been cultivated for centuries by foresters steeped in traditions of sustainable forestry to grow extraordinary, majestic trees. Dinesen sources the most suitable trees. Each tree is selected based on quality criteria such as straightness, growth rings, knots and harmony, and only a small proportion of trees live up to our standards.

The company relationship with the foresters run deep and is key to selecting the right trees. The trees they select are between 80 and 200 years old, and handpicked based on their structure and dimensions to ensure each tree is the finest nature can produce. An important element of sustainable forestry is cutting down one tree at a time, thus giving the trees a chance to grow strong and live out their total capacity, before they are felled and ready to serve new purposes. That is sustainability in practice.

Solid Plank Wood


Oak trees can become more than 200 years old and have a strong personality. The oak trees in the forest range from slender and elegant to broad and powerful. As a common Characteristics, they are mature trees with a high degree of stability and durability.

Dinesen source our raw wood from large oak trees of the finest quality from selected European forests where the stands are tended with the greatest care and respect for nature.

The oak trees have been planted five or six generations ago and have weathered everything that has come their way over the past 150 to 200 years. It is an attainment and heritage that calls for respect, and we always strive to make the best possible use of the tree.

Dinesen Oak is produced in dimensions up to 5 meters long, 50 centimeters wide and 30 millimeters thick.

Oak Classic
Oak Natural

Oak Finishing and Colors

01.Oak ColoredOil Ash 1
02.Oak ColoredOil Light Grey 1
03.Oak ColoredOil Clay
04.Oak ColoredOil Graphite
05.Oak ColoredOil Sand
06.Oak ColoredOil Umbra
01.Oak DinesenOil Light 1
02.Oak DinesenOil White 1
03.Oak DinesenOil Natural 1
04.Oak DinesenOil Invisible Oil


A dynamic structure with a unique expression. HeartOak planks contain knots, natural cracks and butterfly joints.

With HeartOak, Dinesen makes a virtue of the heritage and inner secrets of the oak tree. The 150 to 200 year old oak trees tell a very special story. The hard winters, dry summers, storm and wind they have lived through leave traces. Some of these traces can be seen in the annual rings and the size of the knots, while others appear only when the tree is sawn-up.

Natural cracks are preserved and locked with butterfly joints of oak, which gives the oak floorboards a powerful expression. Combined with the knots, it complements an exceptional look. Unique wide plank flooring that lets nature unfold in all its beauty.

HeartOak White Oil
HeartOak Natural Oil

HeartOak Finishing and Colors

01 heartoak Coloured oil sand
02 heartoak Coloured oil light grey
03 heartoak Coloured oil ash
04 heartoak Coloured oil umbra
05 heartoak Coloured oil Clay
06 heartoak Coloured oil Graphit
01 heartoak Dinesen light oil
02 heartoak Dinesen White oil
03 heartoak Dinesen Natural oil
04 heartoak Dinesen invisible oil


The Douglas fir can grow up to 60 metres tall with a diameter of 1 metre. The wood specie is native to the North American west coast but was introduced to Europe in 1827. Today, proud Douglas firs aged 80-120 years old are found in the Black Forest, among other places.

With our Douglas planks, you get a distinct and unique look of the highest quality. The grand expression is preserved in the planks, where the unique grain bears testimony to nature’s power and beauty.

A Douglas plank floor creates a highly elegant and harmonious expression due to the extraordinary dimensions. An extravagant solution with clear references to the majestic Douglas tree.

Dinesen Douglas is produced in dimensions up to 15 metres long, 45 centimetres wide and 35 millimetres thick.

Douglas Classic
Douglas Natural

Douglas Finishing and Colors

Douglas colored oil 1 sand
Douglas colored oil 2 light grey
Douglas colored oil 3 ash
Douglas colored oil 4 umbra
Douglas colored oil 5 clay
Douglas colored oil 6 Graphit
Douglas 1 light oil dinesen
Douglas 2 white oil dinesen
Douglas 3 natural oil dinesen
Douglas 4 invisible oil dinesen
douglas 5 lye and white oil dinesen
Dinesen Douglas Soap


Dinesen Ash combines the essence of Nordic aesthetics and craftsmanship with a personal expression.

Strong, beautiful and honest. All three words characterize the Dinesen Ash collection that entails outstanding wooden planks in ash. The ash tree, that is characterized by a visible vein structure, straightness and strength, is threatened by the harmful fungal disease.

Our promise of being both passionate about and respectful towards nature is the driving force behind this collection.

The collection only consists of trees whose faith was already to be cut down. The purpose is to treat nature with as much respect as possible and translate it to aesthetic experiences at home.

Ash Classic/Natural
Ash Natural

Ash Finishing and Colors

01 Ash Coloured Oil Sand
02 Ash Coloured Oil Ash
03 Ash Coloured Oil Umbra
04 Ash Coloured Oil Clay
05 Ash Coloured Oil Graphit
01 Ash Dinesen Light Oil
02 Ash Dinesen White Oil
03 Ash Dinesen Natural Oil
04 Ash Dinesen Invisible Oil

Engineered Floor

Layers Oak

With Dinesen Layers, you get an engineered floor of the high quality that characterizes Dinesen’s plank floors. Dinesen Layers Oak distinguishes itself from other lamella constructed floors as it consists of three quality layers that are pressed together with a reverse middle layer – all in European Oak. An elegant and subtle solution.

Layers Oak Finishing and Colors

01 Layers Oak Coloured Oil Light Grey
02 Layers Oak Coloured Oil Ash
03 Layers Oak Coloured Oil Clay
04 Layers Oak Coloured Oil Graphit
05 Layers Oak Coloured Oil Sand
06 Layers Oak Coloured Oil Umbra
01 Layers Oak Dinesen Oil Light
02 Layers Oak Dinesen Oil White
03 Layers Oak Dinesen Oil Natural e1620660424441
04 Layers Oak Dinesen Oil Invisible
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