AATOS Dining Stacking Chair UB (Wood Seat)

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AATOS Dining Stacking Chair UB (Wood Seat)

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AATOS Dining Stacking Chair UB (Wood Seat) | Highlight image
Stackable up to 4 chairs

Stacking Chair UB
Seat Height: 43 cm

Stacking Chair UB H
Seat Height: 45 cm

AATOS Dining Stacking Chair UB (Wood Seat)

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Dimensions (cm)

Stacking Chair UB W50.5 x D49.5 x H75

Stacking Chair UB H W50.5 x D49.5 x H77

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Antti Kotilainen

Antti Kotilainen

Antti Kotilainen (b.1966) is a successful Finnish designer who has been producing pieces of furniture for various Scandinavian furniture companies since 1992. He founded Design Office Antti Kotilainen in 1997 in Helsinki. He emphasizes that the design is first and foremost a series of ideas, experimentation with the criteria and decisions in which the intuition is to be kept clear in mind. Kotilainen sees the designer's task is to live in, look around, see things and build on the basis of this experience.
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