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Kobe Rug

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Hand-woven and finished black and white melange weaves make up the design that characterises the Kobe rug collection. With its strong identity, more than capable of marking out the different areas of the living space, Kobe takes shape from the weave of New Zealand wool yarns that ensure high durability, sound-absorbing qualities and a pleasant, supersoft, texture.

Its “Ottoman” structure is crafted by alternating a chunky, irregular weft with a thin, close-knit warp, to give the classic nuances a new look and produce an ultra-modern 3D appeal.

Available in a single Chalk White version, the Kobe rug combines tradition, technology and contemporary style, all in the same weave.

Kobe Rug

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Dia300 x H0

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Minotti Studio Design

Minotti Studio Design

Established in 1948 from the intuition of Alberto Minotti. The small scale artisan workshop grew quickly and, became more industrialized in character and size. The next step was taken by Renato and Roberto Minotti, who, after the premature death of their father in 1991, took over the reins of the company and began a process of growth and expansion into the international markets. Since 1998 they have shared their creative vision and aesthetic key-principles with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who has been assigned the strategic role of coordinator of all the company collections.

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