Paperweights 2020 - The Golden Rat (Limited Edition)

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Paperweights 2020 - The Golden Rat (Limited Edition)

Paperweights 2020 - The Golden Rat (Limited Edition) | Highlight image
The rat, distinguished among the Asian Zodiac signs by its trickery and mischief is hiding himself under a bowl. Its delicate body is crafted by hand, using the blowtorch technique, and is being magnified by the upper cut through which it can be observed. It is laying on a millefiori background composing several diamond shapes colored with pastel shades and symbolizing sweets. It is indeed out o f greediness that the rat slipped under the bowl, represented by a white enamel calotte lined by green crystal being a reminiscence of Asian celadon ceramics. The techniques such as the complex cuts and the bevel cut designing the bowl’s decoration make this paperweight a both technical and poetic piece. One can’t help but flip it to track the malicious animal down at last.

Paperweights 2020 - The Golden Rat (Limited Edition)



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