Patera Pendant

Patera Pendant

Louis Poulsen
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The pendant is a glowing sphere built up of small diamond-shaped cells. Each cell is carefully designed to capture light and to shield the light source from the viewing angles above 45 degrees. Each cell glows. Below 45 degrees, the fields are open to direct light downwards. A small amount of light is also sent upwards to illuminate the ceiling.

Finish: White, matt coated.

Shade: Cut matt PVCl.
Suspension: E27: Matt-chromed brass and die cast acrylic.
LED: Matt white.

E27 (Ø450/Ø600): Suspension type: Cable, 2 x 1.0 mm2.
E27 (Ø900): Suspension type: 3x1mm² and wire.
Canopy: Yes.
Cord length: 4m.
LED (Ø450/Ø600/900): Suspension type: Cable, 2 x 0.75 mm2 and wire.
Canopy contains driver.
Cord length: 4m.

Sizes and weights:
Width x Height x Length (cm)
60 x 57.7 x 60 Max 5,7 kg
45 x 43.3 x 45 Max 3,4 kg
90 x 86.5 x 90 Max 11,5 kg

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Patera Pendant
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Øivind Slaatto

Øivind Slaatto

The Danish designer Øivind Slaatto (born 1978) graduated in industrial design from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen in 2007, and studied music prior to this at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Today he runs his Copenhagen-based studio Slaatto. He has done projects for companies like Bang & Olufsen, Le Klint and Louis Poulsen. Slaatto gets his inspiration from nature, but also mathematical principles.
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